Network Marketing Can Lead The Way

Network Marketing can provide a gloves off approach to meet the needs of dozens of charities that help those that have fallen on hard times.


Create Your Own Posters

DIY 'motivational' posters in minutes!

This is fun — especially if you like making SILLY posters.

Just use one of the supplied photos, one of your own, or choose one from the web. Add your quotation or favorite saying, click a button or two and you're done!

You can make your poster image as big or small as you like. The picture is small here, but the quote is, "Even if blood is all you have left, the government wants it."

The picture above is my creation . . . Create your own poster here.

According To John Cummuta

DEBT FREE in 5 to 7 years? How is that possible?

Here's an example: $2,000 credit card balance; $50 min. payment; 18% interest rate.

Applying an additional $50 a month to this debt pays it off in 24 months and you would save $1,985 in interest. You would need to get a 49.5% equivalent rate of return on an investment in order to generate the same $1,985 in 24 months with just a $50 a month investment.

If you applied $100 additional to the same debt, it would be paid off in 15 months and you would save $2,268. This is a 67.9% equivalent rate of return!


My comment. The above is interesting and doable without signing up for anything. Do not sign-up for his program.

Use the Calculator in Site Links to see how much you would save in interest by paying extra, even on your house. It's FREE. And when it comes to paying off debt, that's a good word.

For example, let's say the principle payment on your loan at this moment is $200 on a 30 year loan of $188,000. By just paying the principle twice, you'll save approximately $1,000. Use the Calculater and do the math yourself.

Ever Get Conned?

Yeah, conned. As in swindled. It happens to people all the time.

And guess who looks down their noses when some poor smuck gets suckered out of his money. "It must have been greed," is the usual comment. Or, "If it looks too good to be true . . ." is another one.

Well, it appears that the haughty ones finally got their comedown. Bernard Madoff’s scam allegedly cost investors $50 billion, which included individuals and firms from London and Paris to Tokyo.

So, if you've been conned at some time in your life, this makes the medicine go down a little smoother.

Are You Keeping Tabs On The Crooks??

Yeah, ya gotta watch these guys you do business with.

You have to watch your credit accounts on an almost daily basis, because if you don't, something just might get past you.

Case in point. I'm going to mention the company name because they have twice done what they shouldn't have done.

Do you remember AOL? Yeah, they're still around, and they have been sued a couple of times for credit card theft. AOL policy was to ignore cancellations of internet service. This meant that the card holder was charged for service even though the service had been cancelled. A lot of people didn't take a look at their accounts, so they paid the charge without blinking an eye.

When I worked with some people on their computers, they mentioned that they wanted to quit AOL. Knowing what I knew about AOL and its credit card issues, I told my clients to also cancel the card by getting a replacement. That seemed to be the only way to stop the practice of continuing to charge the account.

I now have that problem with Stomper Net. They produce some expensive software for the purpose of increasing one's presence on the internet. They also print a booklet on a monthly basis that is supposed to provide updates and additional hints.

I thought the booklet was way overpriced and cancelled the subscription. I even got a verification of the cancellation. Woe and behold, I got charged for the next edition. Eh, not so fast!

I replied to the Stomper Net info address and said the subscription had been cancelled and that I wanted the charge reversed. About a week later, I received a reply that the account was cancelled and that the charge would be reversed. Eventually it was.

Ho Ho Ho, there they are this month with another charge for this booklet. I sent another email to Stomper Net asking why they are doing it again. I also notified the credit card company.

I now have to change three other accounts that are on auto billing and then get a replacement card. That seems to be the only way to stop Stomper Net.

Another reason for checking your accounts is that there are crooks out there that will use your account and hope you don't catch it. I caught one for a Quiznos charge for $65 in Arizona. Well, it's been some time since I was in Arizona and other charges on the account seemed to bear that out. But the question remains, why would I go there just to buy lunch? And for $65, that's a lot of bread and lunch meat. The card company said the card was scanned, which isn't possible because it was in my pocket three states elsewhere.

So, bottom line. Always check your accounts as frequently as possible. Don't get suckered into buying someone else's lunch.

The Chinese Are Coming, The Chinese Are Coming

The Federal Reserve has given the green light to the state-owned China Construction Bank -- China’s second largest -- to set up shop in the U.S.

Have you ever heard of the 5th column?

Well, look it up. China is slowly moving in to destroy the United States.

China is NOT our friend. Anybody that tells you otherwise is an idiot.

The cliche of keeping your friends close, and your enemies closer does not work in this case. We need more than an arm's length distance between us, and the arm is getting shorter and shorter.

And There Will Be More To Come

Americans filed over 573,000 jobless claims last week -- the most since 1982.

The Labor Dept. also said the number of people collecting their unemployment checks reached a 26-year high too, 4,429,000. This number does NOT include those that have run out of benefits and/or have given up using the system, because the Labor Dept. doesn't keep records on these folks.